A true democracy only exists when we all vote. Your vote is your voice and your voice deserves to be heard. We asked some of the women from our community to model our exclusive Vote Tee and share their personal reasons for casting a ballot on November 3rd. We hope their answers inspire, empower, and motivate you to get out there and make sure your vote is counted on (or before) Election Day.


"I vote to further the notion of 'liberty and justice for all.' When we vote, we actively put our trust in a candidate to be a leader - to all people. We can only hope they do so with respect, integrity, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. Voting is one important way to influence the state - and fate, of our society and nation. Let’s set the status quo by being active in our community. Let’s move in a forward thinking and positive direction: Go vote." Jesica Renée, Attorney and Content Creator / @jesicarenee


"We have a voice, and it is our VOTE. There hasn’t been a more important time than the present to exercise our right to vote. We are at a turning point in our history and we must use our voice to better our future. I vote to give a voice to those who don’t have one... to give hope to those who feel hopeless. For the future of humankind and our planet, we need to vote for people who think of the greater good. We must have leaders who unite, not divide. I encourage you to do the same and use your voice. Now get out there and VOTE." Amy Dreyer, Mother, Content Creator, Model, and Stylist / @stepsofstyle


"To me, voting means having a voice not only for the future of our country but for the future of humanity - for the future of the environment and the future health and well-being of all living beings who inhabit it." Chiyo Hartley, Model and Co-Founder of Sachi.LA / @chiyobiyo


"Voting means I have a say in who makes the policies that affect my pocketbook, my family, my community, and my body. It is the easiest way to participate in our democracy. There are so many ways to vote; many states have early voting or mail in voting. Just make sure you send your ballot in at least two weeks before to make sure it's received in time.  If you aren't in a place that has those options, then it's good to plan ahead - so if there are long lines on November 3rd, bring a book or a podcast and snacks!" Aya Cash, Actress / @maybeayacash


“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you” -RBG Emily Labowe, Model and Founder of Poppy Undies / @emlabowe


"I believe it is absolutely necessary. I don’t think we have much of a choice if we want the planet and everything on it to survive. When people feel there’s no point, those feelings are the fuel you should be burning to cast your vote.  Also, mail in ballots are so simple if you plan ahead a bit." Lauren Johnson, Model and Ceramicist / @lcj271


"This is so important to me, because it is our duty and how we can influence what happens in this country. If everyone takes the time to participate, we can truly make a difference in this world. Don’t forget to vote this November and make a difference!" Jacqueline Granquist, Content Creator / @stylehawking


"Look, I know it feels like there's no point in voting. There are no promises that anything will change. It's pretty discouraging. But, it's better to contribute to any slight possibility of change than not. I'll never forget the pride I felt voting at the polls in person in 2008. It's silly, but that night I felt like, Wow — I did that. WE did that. ALL of our votes did that. That's my hope for this time. That somehow, someway, our voices will be heard. I'm not gonna scream at you to do anything, just do whatever you can handle. So, if you wanna join me in voting early, let's do it." Natalie Alcala, Mother and Founder + CEO of Fashion Mommas / @nataliealcala


"There’s only one way to affect change: VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Please register to vote and make sure you have a voting plan in place. We need change now more than ever and it starts with you and your vote!" Skyler Samuels, Actress / @skylersamuels


"Voting is an opportunity to show up for your rights and contribute to the world you continuously want to be a part of." Raeven Western, Mother, Model, and Coach / @dreampusher


"Voting gives you a voice. We as citizens have an active choice in who runs our government. If they are not representing your values, vote them out. We have a say in more than just the presidential election, but also the election of our judges, our sheriff, our congressional representatives, and senators. Educating myself on the local level gives me a tangible voice in my community. Get educated on the candidates, and if something you see on social media seems unbelievable, then fact check and register to vote." Kasimira Wilding, Mother and Model / @kazaronie


"Voting means showing up and giving your voice if you want to be heard." Jessica Mau, Mother and Model / @jmaumau


"EVERYTHING. We are at the most important political tipping point of our lifetime. I understand why people feel their vote doesn’t matter, so much so that in too many elections less than half of the American population actually show up at the polls. I get it. But now more than ever it’s important for us to show up. So much is on the line.
I feel a sense of obligation to my country to show up, even during mid-terms. So many focus on the presidential race, but all of the races are equally as important. If we’re going to make real change, it’s at the ballot box for every election. It’s the one time I feel like a true patriot. I feel a sense of community and pride when I show up. 
Be aware that there are systems in place that are designed to stop you from voting. These same systems know the kind of power the people would have if we all voted. The fight for voter accessibility continues. We must not give up or let our distrust of the system stop us. As the old saying goes, 'E pluribus unum', or, 'Out of many, one.' True democracy begins when everyone votes." Kate Amundsen, Model and Actress / @k8awesomdsen
For more information, please visit Vote With Us or I am a voter.



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