Carbon Offsets


We are currently undergoing a complete audit of our business and production processes to get a more exact cost of offsetting emissions. We’re looking forward to sharing more information on this process as we go. While we verify our current footprint, it is being estimated by EcoCart through verified industry standards for similar businesses. EcoCart’s methodology centers around scientific best practices, widely accepted by GHG accounting experts and utilized by many Fortune 500 companies. 

Through EcoCart we are proud to offer carbon neutral shipping. They’ve helped us estimate the cost of offsetting the emissions from manufacturing and shipping each order. We’ve given our customers the option to make their order carbon neutral at checkout, usually adding 1-2% to their total. EcoCart then uses the extra cents to donate to a carbon offset project. Currently, our carbon offset dollars go to The Purus Project, a tropical forest conservation project in Acre, Brazil. They work to prevent deforestation across 105,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the Amazon basin, protecting some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats. They also provide alternate models of economic development to local communities. We chose this cause due to our deep ties to South America.

Each project EcoCart works with is verified by a third-party internationally-recognized verification standard, such as the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA), the Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Standard. In addition to working with projects that are verified under the world's major carbon standards, EcoCart goes above and beyond verification with additional project selection criteria. With a rigorous verification process, EcoCart searches the globe for projects that are legitimately reducing carbon pollution. They confirm the science and financials, making sure each project meets the toughest requirements of the world’s major carbon standards—including the United Nations.

EcoCart projects don’t just slow climate change, but also have a positive impact on local communities and animal habitats. By working closely with project developers, EcoCart ensures that each program is stable, sound, and capable of doing good for both people and the planet.

By carefully tracking the emissions reductions of each project, EcoCart provides a greater certainty that what they see is what they get. EcoCart also ensures that all project verification documentation and reports are available. 

In 2021 we reduced the amount of our wholesale sampling by 57%, instead choosing to utilize our visual digital assets in better ways by eliminating the sampling of multiple colors and core styles. For context, our showrooms used to receive a sample of each item in the line. It’s industry standard for sales purposes, but it got us thinking about the negative environmental impact with regard to resources, waste, carbon emissions, and water for producing this many samples. Our reduction in sampling translates to about 774 less samples in a season, and that is roughly 3,096 samples in a year.