Gianna Blouse


This dress-up-dress-down top uses strategically placed elastic to achieve the most flattering shape for all body types. Wear it to work, dinner, wherever. It's timeless, seasonless, and exactly what you’ll want to wear in our Cotton Poplin. (This one comes in Night Horizon.)



Fitted Bodice
See Size Chart for additional sizing details.
Stonewashed Cotton Poplin/ 100% Pima Cotton
Machine wash
Made in Peru

WHAT WE LOVE: A low carbon footprint. Our Stonewashed Cotton Poplin goes from seed to garment all in Peru, minimizing supply chain pollution from transportation. Additionally, Pima Cotton is native to Peru and uses 50% less water than traditional cotton.
WHAT WE DON'T LOVE: We know we can be even more sustainable by replacing our current quality with organic cotton that is farmed regeneratively.

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