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We can all agree2020 was a year associated with serious challenges, and one of the most prevalent being mental health. In fact, our team has been having discussions surrounding this topic quite a bit lately and even found the theme woven into our Spring 21 collection: “emotional dressing.” The idea that what you wear not only makes you look better, it can also make you feel better.

But sometimes, getting dressed isn’t enough to make you feel better. Through openly talking with with our models, collaborators, and co-workers we’ve learned (and bonded over the fact) that many of us are currently on our own mental health journeys and benefiting from therapy. The good news is that it feels like there is somewhat less shame in asking for help and these conversations have started to feel “normal.” We’ll even be sharing a few of them with you throughout the month.

Why We Love: The Loveland Foundation

As a brand, we focus on empowering women and it’s become obvious that prioritizing mental health plays a role in that. However, we recognize intersectionality and not every woman is able to ask for (or get) the help she needs. After a race and mental health-based discussion with Maryse, (one of our models - you’ll meet her soon) we wondered what could be done about this. Well, through some research we discovered someone’s already doing something about it - The Loveland Foundation.

Why We Love: The Loveland Foundation

In 2018, Rachel Cargle established The Loveland Foundation as a way to help heal. The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on providing therapy for Black women and girls. (If you haven’t yet watched Rachel’s Ted Talk on ancestral accountability, we’ll leave it right here for you.) With a high cost (even with insurance), an ingrained stigma surrounding mental health in the Black community, and the fact that the vast majority of therapists in this country are white, it is often difficult for Black women and girls to access therapy when they need it. With the help of The Loveland Foundation, recipients have access to a comprehensive list of mental health professionals across the country, providing high-quality, culturally competent services. Through fellowships, residency programs, listening tours, and more, they contribute to both the empowerment and the liberation of the communities they serve. 

Why We Love: The Loveland Foundation

In honor of Black History Month, we are so excited to be donating to (and raising awareness for) a cause that resonates so deeply with us. Raising $120 provides one therapy session, and it’s our goal to provide as many of those as possible this month because we believe everyone deserves the chance to feel better. We’ll keep you posted on how we do, and we hope you’ll join us this month in our fundraising for The Loveland Foundation. There is no better way to show these women and girls, we see you, we hear you…and we are invested in your healing.Why We Love: The Loveland FoundationBLACK MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS.