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Curate A Capsule Wardrobe
If you've ever felt like you have nothing to wear as you stare at a closet full of clothes, then keep reading...
We strongly believe in creating a wardrobe full of versatile pieces that you love to wear over and over again. Once you take the time to do that, you'll have more time to focus on the things that really matter. Follow these steps to help define your style and simplify your life.
Curate A Capsule Wardrobe

  STEP 1

The closet clean out. Take note of the fabrics, fits, and silhouettes of the items you love and wear the most. That's your starting point. Next, you'll have to make some cuts; it's time to get rid of the items that no longer serve you. If it's seasonally appropriate and you haven't reached for it in the past year, it's got to go. In order to keep textile waste out of landfills, always donate (or resell) all wearable clothing. Please refer to this guide for ideas on how to responsibly dispose of any items that are not in wearable condition. 

Curate A Capsule Wardrobe


Take inventory on what items survived the edit. Make sure you have plenty of building block pieces that are timeless and classic. The idea is to effortlessly create multiple outfits by mixing and matching these wardrobe staples. Items that can be dressed up or down (depending on how you style them) are key here. Take your lifestyle into account and ask whether you can wear it three different ways. If the answer is no, you don't need it. Right now, you are building a sustainable wardrobe that you can expand on. Make a list of foundational pieces you are lacking and shop for those first. 

Curate A Capsule Wardrobe


Become an intentional shopper and educate yourself on the quality of fabrics. Quality matters, so when adding to your collection be discerning and opt for pieces that are built to last for years (not weeks or months). Also take note of what fabrics you feel most comfortable in and seek them out. Take a look at the fabric contents as you're shopping and always try to buy clothing made primarily of natural fibers. We strongly encourage you to reduce your fashion footprint by re-wearing and taking proper care of what you have (more on sustainable garment care here). That way you can take a "less is more" approach when it comes to your wardrobe. Trust us, you won't miss the clutter.

Curate A Capsule Wardrobe


Throw on and go. You've now curated a closet full of clothes you love to wear, as well as a list of new quality items to shop for as you rebuild your wardrobe. Stylist tip: write down your shopping list - it will help keep you on track without getting distracted by sales or trends. Get dressed faster, have more choices, and love what you wear everyday.