Garment Care


We create garments that are easy to maintain - most items can be cared for at home. See our most commonly asked questions regarding care below.

Are your items pre-shrunk?

All of our garments have been pre-washed and dyed. The maximum shrinkage of the natural fibers has already been reduced. It could still shrink slightly - the best way to prevent this is to air dry or dry on a low setting. 

Can I use the hand wash cycle on my washing machine?

No. Any of our garments labeled hand wash should be washed by hand. When you use the hand wash cycle on a washing machine, the clothes sit in water for too long, which causes damage. Please reach out with specific questions regarding this.

What is the best way to care for Hacci?

Hacci is a delicate fabric that is prone to pilling. The best way to keep this fabric in shape is to use a sweater shaver to remove the pills.

What is the best way to care for the Sateen pieces?

Hand wash. Our cami and slips are cut on the bias, use these tips for the perfect fit: Before wearing, wet in cold water and hang to dry. (Or) Simply steam with a garment steamer.

What should I do if something pills?

 You can use a sweater shaver to remove the pills.

Still unsure?

Reach out to our Style Specialist about a specific style. Text us: 213.622.6186, or use the form below.