Our sustainably dyed Sateen garments are produced in downtown Los Angeles within a 10-mile radius of our warehouse. The local production chain directly benefits our community. 


Viscose that is not sustainably sourced is bad for the environment and our traceability is limited with this fabric. We are actively looking for alternatives for the future. 

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This smooth, lightweight fabric mimics silk and is made from 100% Viscose.

Viscose is commonly used as a silk substitute. We love it because it has a similar drape and luxe feel. It’s a fiber made from tree wood pulp and considered to be a semi-synthetic due to the chemicals used to create it.


While Viscose is biodegradable and made from a renewable resource, the environmental impact of producing it is still high and traceability is not as easy. The overproduction of Viscose has led to rapid deforestation. Producing Viscose also requires a high concentration of toxic chemicals that pollute the air and water. We know that Viscose can be sustainably sourced, and we are actively looking for a way to make that switch in the future.


We are, however, proud to note that all of the Sateen garments in our line are produced within a 10-mile radius of our headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. This localized production chain directly benefits our community. Our dye house uses low impact dyes vs conventional dyes on these pieces. Low impact dyes use approximately 25% less water depending on the color and hand finish (i.e. softener/silicone), and in July 2021 we began using all organic dyes. This means the same beautiful look of our dyed Sateen without the harmful chemicals.


LANDFILL LIFETIME: If a 100% Viscose item ends up in a landfill it would take anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 years to biodegrade depending on soil conditions in the landfill. (Yep, that’s quite a difference. Soil conditions really matter when it comes to Viscose.)

CARE: Wash by hand or drop at an environmentally friendly dry cleaner as needed. We don’t recommend machine washing this fabric, but if you must, use the delicate cycle with cold water and place it inside out in a lingerie bag. (But really, hand washing is the way to go.) Air dry. Stylist tip: to remove wrinkles, a steamer is much gentler on fabric than an iron (just be sure to use distilled water in your steamer, as tap water contains minerals that can leave water spots on your garments).