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Meet (RENEW), our luxury resale marketplace for buying and selling your Nation essentials. It’s our dedicated resale shop and a place just for us to sell your preloved styles, shop second hand clothes, and do better for the planet (and your wallet). Maybe you missed out on a specific style. Or you just need to make space in your closet for new stuff. We get it. Whatever your reason, you’re keeping clothes in circulation, and out of a landfill. Because clothing circularity is chic, and doing better should be this uncomplicated. 

Why should I buy and sell from a peer to peer marketplace?

Every time you buy preloved clothes, you reduce carbon emissions by an average of 25% per wear. By giving garments a second life, you’re keeping clothes in use and helping us reduce fashion waste. The best part about shopping luxury resale? You never know what you’ll find. Could be the sold out styles you left in your cart for too long (or a replacement for the go-to top your sister borrowed and “can’t find anymore”). And you won’t have to pay full price. Just saying…