Lyocell is derived from the wood pulp of the eco-friendly eucalyptus plant. Not only does it take less water than cotton to produce, but it’s manufactured using a closed loop system. That eliminates chemical pollution and waste.


We know there are more sustainable ways of sourcing this fabric, and in the future, we hope to make the switch.


This eco-friendly alternative to cotton is the midweight fabric we use to make our collection of soft suiting.

Lyocell is a natural, cellulose fiber derived from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus plant. The result is a wonderfully soft fabric with a beautiful drape that is airy and breathable.


Because eucalyptus doesn’t need much water, any pesticides, or even healthy soil, it's a very environmentally friendly crop. Manufacturing Lyocell also takes less water to produce than cotton. During the production process, any chemicals used to treat the wood pulp are recovered and recycled in a closed loop system. This means these solvents are not dumped into the environment, and there is less waste. Additionally, Lyocell uses non-toxic solvents which makes any emissions from production significantly lower than other man-made fibers.


LANDFILL LIFETIME: If a 100% Lyocell item ends up in a landfill it would take anywhere from 3 to 4 months biodegrade depending on soil conditions in the landfill.

CARE: This is the best part. No dry cleaning necessary, just throw in the machine with like colors and tumble dry on low heat (or lay flat to save energy) whenever you need to refresh.