Our intention is simple:

make every woman look good and feel good, day in and day out.

Our collection of effortless classics embodies the belief that less is more. We make the beautiful, comfortable, and perfectly undone pieces that elevate and simplify your wardrobe.


In 2017 we began to focus on eco-friendly practices and innovative fabrics. A vertical manufacturing process in Peru is one of our most environmentally friendly practices. Our cotton is grown, harvested by hand, spun into yarn, knit into fabric, cut and sewn into garments locally (mostly in the city of Lima).


This localized or “seed to garment” supply chain minimizes pollution from transportation and dramatically reduces our carbon footprint as compared to industry standard. Our commitment to environmental responsibility guides us and our approach is about progress (not perfection) as we adjust our practices to have the least impact on our planet. One of our cotton suppliers native to Peru - Bergman / Rivera - is a Certified B Corporation, meaning it meets the highest standards in environmental performance and social sustainability. We're aiming to work with more suppliers and factories that uphold these high standards.


We use a transparent fabric grading system that highlights the most sustainable elements of our fabrics and acknowledges where improvements can (and should) be made. Our Impact Score takes into consideration the environmental impact from all processes in the fabrics life cycle.


We evaluate every fabric before adding it to our line, and if it doesn't receive at least a “C” grade on our scale, it isn’t added. We are committed to providing all of the good (and possibly the not so good) information of our fabrics and practices to our customers. 


We believe in transparency. People need to know how their clothes are made, who makes them, the conditions they’re made in, where they end up, and how that process affects people across the globe. Making this information available will help you make responsible decisions on our website AND ask the right questions when shopping on other sites.

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