(Renew) faq


You can sell most Nation styles from (almost) any season after 2018. After our team approves the listing, it’ll be featured in our (RENEW) Collection for anyone to buy. 

Feel free to reach out to hello@nationltd.com with any questions about listings. 

Log into your Nation account (also, this is your reminder to create an account if you don’t have one), go to your purchase history, and click the "Create Listing" button on your selected order. (And don’t worry if the item is not in your purchase history. You can still list your stuff as long as it’s in our catalog.) Pick what you want to sell from our catalog and follow the prompts.

Remember to provide complete and accurate information about the item’s condition, since you’ll only get paid after the buyer confirms its condition.

Our team reviews all submissions and has the right to approve or deny listings.

Our dedicated quality team reviews every item before it goes live. In case you’re curious what we look out for:

- Your pictures. (Tip: stage your photos with good lighting and a clean background. Not only to get more eyes on your listing, but to ensure our team can prove your listing’s accuracy.)

- Blemishes or quirks. (Make sure they’re accurately described.)

- The condition you selected. (Again, double check it’s accurately reflected in your pictures.) 

- The item itself. (To verify it’s authentic.)

Two things to remember: lighting and backgrounds.

Lighting makes a big difference in your listings, so make sure you’re staging your pics in a sunny area or have an LED light nearby.

Lay your item down on a flat surface (like a table or a bed) with a solid background. Take photos of the front, back, and any imperfections if applicable. Don’t forget to take a picture of the sewn-in tag at the neckline, the care label with fabric contents and washing instructions (usually sewn-in at the side seams), and the price tag if you still have it.

Price suggestions are provided and based on the original price and the current condition. 

(But you’re always welcome to set your own price.)

Name your price. (But we will recommend a price based on the item’s condition.) We’ll also add a fixed amount to the listing price to cover shipping charges. 

Just note that prices are subject to modification during our team’s review and approval process.

(RENEW) is not currently available to buyers outside of the United States, and we’re unable to fulfill international shipping orders at this time.

You don’t have to pay extra for shipping. (you’re welcome) 

After your listing has sold, we’ll email you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label and you must send the item within 3 business days. If you haven’t shipped your item within 10 days, the transaction will be canceled. 

Carefully and neatly pack your (preferably freshly-washed) items along with their respective labels (and maybe include a thank you note, too). Drop it in the mailbox or at your nearest US Post Office. 

Tip: you can schedule a free USPS package pickup if you don’t have time to drop it off. Or hand it to your mail person when they’re making their rounds.

Do a final once-over to make sure it’s in the condition you described. Check for any loose change or lost receipts in the pockets. Give it a little love (and a quick wash) one last time before you send it to its new home. 

(Also, careful wrapping and a thank you note is always a welcome, warm personal touch.)

We highly recommend you reuse packaging from previous purchases. Your packaging should fit the size and shape of your item to keep it properly protected while in transit. 

Tip: USPS boxes are free and available to pick-up at any post office, or order online on their website.

You’ll be paid after your item has been delivered and confirmed as received by the buyer. When USPS notifies us that the order has been delivered, the buyer has 3 days to confirm and rate their purchase. We’ll release your payment as a Nation store credit.

You will receive 100% of the item's selling price in Nation store credit.

You will receive 100% site credit. (If you sell something for $100, you get $100 in store credit for Nation with no additional fees.) 

The Nation store credit will be emailed to you as an e-gift card with the exact store credit amount, to be redeemed on our site. So when you’re shopping again, don’t forget to choose the gift card option at checkout and enter the code in the box. 

NOTE: Some gift cards may expire. Gift cards can be applied to multiple transactions.

You’ll give a new life to clothes you once loved (or didn’t get around to loving) and you’re helping reduce textile waste by keeping clothes out of a landfill and into a new home.

Also, it's simple. List items straight from your order history and get paid for it. No effort required.

No worries. You can still sell what you want as long as the style is active in our catalog. Just look for the “Create Listing” button under your purchase history and go from there.


Pre-loved (or brand new) Nation clothes curated by our community, just for you.

Not yet. (RENEW) is not currently available to buyers outside of the United States, so we’re unable to fulfill international shipping orders at this time.

Find what you want. Add to your cart. And go through the checkout process like you normally would when you’re shopping at Nation.

We ask our sellers to fulfill your order within 3 business days. Your order will ship with a tracking number, and typically arrives within 3-5 days of being shipped.

After your order has been delivered, you’ll get an email to confirm it’s arrived and rate what you bought. (This is your chance to let us know if your order is in the exact condition as described.) If it is, don’t forget to give your seller a great rating. If not, let us know within three days through the form, and one of our customer service reps will reach out to help.

All pre-loved purchases are final sale unless the item is not in the condition described by the seller. If that happens, you can open a dispute after your order has been delivered. If we confirm the dispute, we’ll issue a refund and ask that you ship the item back ASAP. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at hello@nationltd.com.

Maybe you missed out on something you were eyeing. Or maybe you let your sister-in-law borrow a few things and they’re “still at the dry cleaner’s”. (It happens.)

(RENEW) is our dedicated marketplace for buying and selling (brand new, lightly-loved, or well-loved) Nation essentials.