Linen Pima

70% Pima Cotton, 30% Linen, 3 months to biodegrade in a landfill depending on soil conditions.


- Linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fibers and is naturally pesticide free

- The entire Flax plant is used to produce Linen meaning there is no waste

- Linen lowers the carbon footprint of the fabric, because the Flax plant sucks up more C02 than many other plants

- Linen is naturally organic (not certified)

- Pima Cotton is native to Peru, and unlike other cotton varietals, is drought tolerant Harvested entirely by hand, making the fabric extra durable. Because of this durability, the garment will naturally have a longer lifespan

- A local “seed to garment” approach in Peru, which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint

- Fabric scraps from cuttings are bundled and re-purposed into mops, rags, and mattress fillers, ensuring a circular supply chain



- Pure Linen is fully biodegradable and can start to decompose in a landfill in 2 weeks, but given the cotton mix in ours the landfill time increases to 3 months

- Sourced in Europe (where Flax is native) but then it is shipped to Peru to produce the fabric

- Not farmed regeneratively