We aim to work only with factories that have received

their WRAP certification

Our Partner Factories

The garments we make in Peru are currently produced across seven factories. We aim to work only with factories that have received (or are in the process of receiving) their WRAP certification. WRAP, or Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, is the world's largest factory-based certification program for manufacturers of clothing, footwear, and other sewn products. WRAP certification ensures humane and fair practices (including no child or forced labor) by checking payrolls, benefits, and hours/week.

All of our partners have made a commitment to zero waste

Our fabric scraps from cutting are bundled and then re-purposed into mops, rags, and mattress fillers, or recycled into new fibers, ensuring a circular supply chain that keeps waste out of landfills.

Our clothing is mindfully designed in Los Angeles. Though it’s a small percentage of what we do, approximately 15% of our garments are produced locally. We aim to work with local factories who have a minimal environmental footprint.


We pay everyone in our supply chain a living wage.

Yes, this contributes to a higher production cost, but we believe it’s worth it. For context, this list includes...


We choose our partners based on many factors, including their values, ethical labor practices, worker wages, social compliance, and certifications. We understand that truly sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We are proud that our manufacturing partner in Peru, World Textile Sourcing, shares this vision. One way that WTS is investing in future generations of their extended community is their commitment to childhood education in Racchi.


It’s plastic free. Always.

Our shipping envelopes are 100% certified compostable and our card inserts are made of 100% recycled materials. We choose not to include a return shipping label to reduce potential waste. Every piece in our line is enclosed in a 100% certified compostable bag. When composted, the bag will fully biodegrade within one year.