Our Fabrics

Yarn into fabric

We are actively researching and sourcing sustainable and innovative fabrics to add to our collection.


A reduced carbon footprint: Our cotton is grown, harvested by hand, spun into yarn, knit into fabric, cut and sewn into garments all in Peru. This minimizes pollution from transportation and our carbon footprint.

Raw Cotton


Our sustainable Recycled Cotton is spun from discarded garments and fabric, giving a slub texture that is unique to each piece. It is made from recycled yarns in Los Angeles - Recycled Cotton, our eco commitment.



Baby Alpaca. Why we love it? Unlike cashmere goats, alpacas don't destroy the land by overgrazing. Did you know it takes 4 cashmere goats to make a single sweater, but 1 alpaca to make 4 (or 5) sweaters in a year? Better than cashmere, better for our environment, better for you.

Learn about where our alpaca fibers come from.



Created from hand harvested cotton grown on a family owned farm in Peru. Made with the same low carbon footprint as our Peruvian Cotton, our Organic Cotton is 100% natural and free from harmful toxins and pesticides and sewn up in the key styles that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Organic Cotton



This naturally sustainable fiber is made from flax, requires very little water, and needs less energy during processing. The result is a lower carbon footprint and a vintage looking texture. Our Washed Linen is sourced from Portugal and ultra-soft from day one. (The best part: unlike other linens, ours won’t shrink in the wash.)

Washed Linen